Faribault Legion Facebook

American Legion Post 43 Facebook Page


In order to create an online following for the business, I created a Facebook page for the American Legion Club in Faribault, Minn. This page highlights the progress of this project. 

When I began this project, the Faribault Legion had a plain organization page on Facebook, but not its own club or business page. I developed the Facebook page and linked it to the Legion’s main website. Without any money thrown into the project, the page received almost 50 Likes over the course of a month. I receive weekly updates that tell me how the page is doing compared to the previous week. As of July 10, 2013, this is what that weekly update looked like:

Facebook Weekly Update July 10, 2013

Facebook also has a new Insights feature that gives more details about the analytic data such as number of Likes, visits, clicks, reach and other details. The Insights page looks like this:

Faribault American Legion  Post  43

The content posted on the Legion’s page pertain to events that are open to the public such as:

  •  Daily lunch specials
  •  Dinner and breakfast events
  •  Flag Retirement and FrontLine Honors ceremonies
  •  Final Roll Call for Legion members
  •  Local news or linked posts associated with the Legion

Below is a gallery of some screenshots taken from various posts on the Legion’s Facebook page.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Facebook Gallery


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